About Mecca Hospitality

Mecca Hospitality is Miami's full-service, multi-cultural, destination management company specializing in meetings and events that include services of group accommodations, activities, dining, dinner cruises, and transportation.

The Right Choice for Meeting and Event Planning

Mecca Hospitality is an evolving company with 21 years of experience in South Florida. We provide concise, real-time information and a host of meeting and event planning services from partners who best complement your specific event requirements. Our event planning services and directory of South Florida's best hospitality providers are complimentary for enterprises and planners in search of professional assistance. We pride ourselves in personalized service and competitive pricing from start to finish, consider us your right hand through the entire planning process.

We know Miami. We live Miami. We are Miami's Mecca.

Contact us at 305-856-1422 to talk about your next program and how Mecca Hospitality can help you.

Want to become a Mecca Hospitality Partner?

For businesses and organizations that don't have the resources to hire additional staff or that are looking for a competitive edge, mecca offers a host of services to our hospitality partners with nominal upfront costs to grow your business. In today's evolving business climate, long gone are the days where we can drop dollars on consultants and agencies that do not bring a return on investment. Mecca Hospitality strategically devises integrated plans to launch or re-launch your business, publicize it accordingly, and then continue to feed you clientele as an extension of your sales force.