Corporate Team Building Race Car Adventures

Mecca Hospitality provides this team-building exercise for companies looking for a more advanced activity.

The goal is to ingeniously create a team "engine" using people power. Real engines are not used.

The program has three functions:

  • To construct a unique vehicle.
  • To test and practice of team invented propulsion system.
  • To actually race, which can be done in several heats. The winner of each heat will be in the final race for first, second and third place.
We supply a variety of materials for the design of the vehicle and these materials will allow for easy alterations for different styles of designs with consideration for a potential award for originality.

The car is built on a platform several inches off the ground. The group must create and test a system, which feeds tennis balls under the front off the car. As the car is sliding over the balls, the group must take the tennis balls out of the back and re-feed them to the front again. The car moves by one person pulling the car from the front. If that individual moves too fast, the car will slide off the balls and get stuck. Therefore, it is necessary for that person to work with the people feeding the balls to coordinate the engine system.

The race incorporates everybody, using team dynamic capabilities rather than strength and muscle. The idea is, that while it is still a race, we slow it down a bit and use a "propulsion system" that has everybody working together, not just the driver.

The Great Race Car Adventure will be the most talked-about and laughed-about program your company has participated in. The real success will be increased relationship building and genuine camaraderie among your staff.

Contact us at 305-856-1422 for more information on Great Race Car Adventure.