Mecca Hospitality Unique Requests

At Mecca Hospitality we do our very best to accommodate almost every need including a unique and special request that will allow our clients to have a complete and satisfying experience.

Custom Catering

When dining out is not always an option, mecca caters to you. Our award-winning culinary professionals will indulge and inspire you with all sorts of dining options. Get to know them and what they can do for your next meeting or event.

Event Production

Mecca Hospitality offers high-end production services from lighting and stage to photographers and videographers to Interpreters & translators and all those AV rentals you may need, Mecca Hospitality has a team in place to produce your next event.

Tours & Activities

Places to go. People to see. Things to do. Mecca Hospitality has a hot list of all things Miami. From small dives to more formal locales and everything historical, we'll take you on a journey of our backyard.

Contact us at 305-856-1422 for inquiries about how Mecca Hospitality can accommodate your unique requests.